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Production of plastic packaging by thermoforming technology

PROVEN d.o.o. Sarajevo uses the following technologies in its production of plastic packaging (round and square – rectangular containers / lids):

Extrusion, thermoforming and dry offset technology with up to 8 colors (4 colors for lids)

By applying this technology we produce:
– round cups (PP / PS) sized ф68 mm, ф75 mm, ф95 mm, ф110 mm in diameter, and square – rectangular containers sized 112 X 83 mm, volume is ranging from 50 to 500 ml,
– lids, round sized ф95 and ф110 (PS)in diameter, square – rectangular lids sized 112 x 83 (PET),
– sheet  (PS / PP), width up to 720 mm.
The printing (dry offset) of products is done according to the submitted design of a customer, with the possibility of using services of our in-house repro studio (making a printing plate).

Technology of cardboard label application to a cup

Cups are produced by thermoforming technology while cardboard label application is done on a special machine. The cardboard label application process consists of two phases – insertion of a white/transparent cup into the machine and its wrapping with a cardboard label (wrapper) with the desired design. We can perform this technology on cups sized ф68, ф75 and ф95 mm in diameter.

Sleeving cups with PVC sleeve

Cups (PP / PS) are produced by thermoforming technology, after which the PVC sleeve is applied onto them with a desired design. We can sleeve cups sized ф68, ф75 and ф95 mm in diameter.

By applying the aforementioned technologies, we achieve high production flexibility which is reflected in the capability to rapidly change tools used in the production of a wide range of products by changing material, diameter, volume and weight of the cup with intention to meet the requirements and needs of our customers.

Termoforming packaging production